Jacksonville International Airport

Siplast Paradiene 20/30 cold applied roof system with Parapro flashings. Also new PPG Coraflon ADS paint going on the barrel and mansard roofs.

Halifax Hospital Service Building, Daytona Beach.

Siplast Paradiene 20/30 modified roof system over a structural concrete deck with a new 1/4" tapered insulation. Also, rebuilding the expansion joint out of metal instead of the existing wood.

The Pepper Building

This 8 story building is currently roofed with a ballasted EPDM roof system. We will be removing the entire roof down to the existing deck. The rock, the roofing, and the insulation will be recycled. The new roof will be a mix of 2 systems. The first system will be a Sika Sarnafil PVC over new lightweight insulating concrete. The second roof system will be a Siplast Parapro Roof system over new lightweight insulating concrete.

Waller Park

This is Waller Park at The Florida Capitol. We are installing a Siplast Teranap waterproofing system with ParaPro flashing and Wausau Paver and Pedestal system on top. We will also be creating a state seal on the plaza with the pavers. We are also installing a electronic leak detection system from International Leak Detection The Siplast / Wausau Tile system will bring back the beauty of the Capitol and highlight the iconic Dolphin fountains.

Tallahassee Memorial Mustain Center

Siplast Paradiene roof system over lightweight insulating concrete.